Viritus has a heartbeat.
It was designed by our founder who struggled with the effects of Celiac disease from a young age. This ignited his passion to create the best vodka experience, delivering an unimaginably smooth taste, nearly undetectable in a mixed drink and stunning on the rocks.
It has a beautiful aroma, all without the traditional Wheat & Grains that contain gluten. After years of research, refinement and the use of innovative science, the result is Viritus – A truly smooth, clean and innovative Vodka. 

We strive to be different, to push boundaries and to create the World's Best Organic Vodka.  


We've gone the extra mile to certify our new distillery, follow our beliefs and deliver the cleanest and smoothest vodka possible.





We are proud of our distinctions that separate us from our competitors. We want to push the limits and provide the best possible drink experience.



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