Matthew Sterling

Meet Matthew Sterling, the founder and creator of Viritus Organics. Matt, the youngest master distiller in North America at age 23, was diagnosed with Celiac disease in his late teens.  In his early 20's he discovered there was untapped market for a high-quality Celiac Safe Spirit. This is how Viritus came to life. 


In his early life, Matt took the road less travelled electing against pursuing a post-secondary education and instead paving his own way to start Viritus Organics.


Viritus Organics began 5 years ago when Matt purchased a “hillbilly still” to start creating a recipe for a Gluten Free Vodka that was safe for him to drink and, as they say, the rest is history.


Matt wears many hats within the company; distilling, marketing, collaborations, and more.  In July, 2017 he also attended the Master Distillers Work Shop in British Colombia. And despite being the youngest ever attendant, Matt completed the course.


Through trial and error, Matt managed to take an idea and build Viritus into the brand it is today.  With a strong social following, Viritus has taken Toronto by storm and is not looking to slow down.

Jackie McAskill

Meet Jackie McAskill, the Director/Business Development Strategist for Viritus. Jackie has 11 years of experience as an LCBO Sr. Buyer & Category Manager for wine, spirits and beer with one of the world's largest purchasers of beverage Alcohol. She believes in cultivating positive relationships & developing unique strategic solutions that achieve success.


In 2015 she delivered the highest sales growth within the LCBO & was awarded with the prestigious Drinks Ontario Industry Partnership award. Jackie is all about setting goals, and implementing action plans. She has a deep understanding of the world of Spirits and her years of experience has helped to craft Viritus.